Foreword from our founder


Dear Reader,

In today's world, a business leader must create value and competitive advantage by competing not only to be best in the world, but best for the community, for the people, and for the continent as a whole.

The AeTrade Group knows that without a sense of purpose, no company, either public or private, can achieve its full potential. Also, the  Aetrade Group believes any organization need to have a corporate mission that is bigger than making a profit, so one can enjoy being truly successful.

Our people know we have their backs, and they’re more willing to go to bat for their customers as a result. In my view, that is what will drive financial results, which of course plow back into the community as well. Grassroot transformations require extraordinary energy: employees must fundamentally rethink and reshape the business while continuing to run it on a day to day basis. 

Where does this energy come from? A powerful transformation story helps employees believe in the effort by answering their big questions, which can range from how the transformation will affect the company down to how it will affect them.

We know transformation progresses; a powerful way to reinforce the story is to spotlight the successes. Sharing such stories helps crystallize the meaning of the transformation and gives people confidence that it will actually work. And the foreseeable results, based on our research, are more than encouraging. Join us in creating a network of businesses that will achieve greater unity and solidarity between African countries and Africans. Our solution is African designed, it must be African led and owned and implemented by Africa.

Thank you and let us work together from every possible horizon to lay the foundation for the Africa we deserve!

MuluAlem Syoum,
Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Guided by our Mission, Vision and Aspirations, and through the resolve of our Oath, we are committed to prosperity for all Africans.


Our Purpose

Guided by our Mission, Vision and Aspirations, and through the resolve of our Oath, we are committed to prosperity for all Africans.

The Mission

To create business value in Africa for our customers through digital transformation

The Vision

To be the catalyst for broad-based socio-economic development in Africa as it’s preferred ICT provider.

The Aspirations

To transform Africa’s socio-economic environment by enabling people, SME’s and organizations to leverage modern technologies

The Oath

We, as citizen of the world, dedicate ourselves into improving the lives of the less fortunate by helping accomplishing the AeTrade Group goals in a fair and ethical way.  And, as members, we dedicate ourselves to the quality development of the African economy in a fun, motivating and respectful work environment delivering efficient and professional services.


Our Values

At the AeTrade Group, we strive to accomplish our Mission and Vision guided by strong principles that will ensure the best outcomes of our initiatives.

Integrity: Be a paragon of ethics

We strive to maintain the highest level of honesty and trustworthiness in our organization so that we remain always reliable and transparent partner in all aspect of our work and with dealings with our different stakeholders.

Caring: Our empathy becomes your quality solutions

The whole inception of the AeTrade Group is based on caring.  We care for the development and prosperity of the African people.  We care for the wellbeing of our members and that hey can grow and evolve in a fun working environment.  We care about the growth of the African digital market, it’s participation in the global economy and the opportunities it gives to its participants. We care for delivering quality service to our clients across the world.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Always work for the betterment of tomorrow

The AeTrade Group creation is meant to allow the creation of many hundreds of thousands of SME’s across Africa.  This is all part of a sustainable development plan that will allow the entrepreneurs of Africa to leapfrog to more recent and efficient technology in all aspect of its usage.  We strive to create opportunities to our customers that will have lasting impact for the people of Africa and help increase the prosperity and way of life of its members, clients and the communities they are all part of.  Especially in getting a platform for women and youth to be involved and help us shape the future of Africa.

Leadership: Having the courage to lead the future

The solutions and services provided by the AeTrade group are treading new ground in a lot of place in Africa.  This requires a lot of courage of our members, to go lead where none have tried before so that we can accomplish history and link together all regions of Africa.  As many smaller scale initiatives across the continent are starting to rise to meet the needs of the digital market, we expect our members to be the leaders that will allow the AeTrade Group to also be the inclusive leader that will bring them all together for the benefit of the whole continent.

Collaboration: Be the best team together

The goal of the organization is greater than any one single person.  To accomplish such a daunting mission, many people and enterprises need to work together in getting the aspirations done.  The teamwork exhibited by our members will also translate directly in being an inclusive partner with other that strive to achieve the same goal or that at least want to be involved in this common endeavour.